La Leyenda del Jardín de las Bayas

The Legend of the Berry Garden

In the fruit fields of Jalisco, there is a magical place known as the Garden of Bayas. It is said that the juiciest and most delicious berries grow in this garden, used by mixology alchemists to create the perfect cocktail. Legend has it that those who try this cocktail experience an explosion of flavors that transports them to a realm of pleasure and joy. Inspired by this legend, mixologists have shared the cocktail recipe so that everyone can enjoy its magic. Recipe: Berry Garden Cocktail Ingredients: 60ml vodka 30 ml berry liqueur 30 ml cranberry juice 15 ml vanilla syrup...

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El Secreto de la Diosa de la Luna

The Secret of the Moon Goddess

In the mountains of Mexico, the legend is told of the Moon Goddess, a mystical figure who protects the agave fields and watches over the tequila-making process. The Moon Goddess is said to have revealed a secret to tequila distillers: a special recipe for a cocktail that captures the essence of the night and the magic of agave. Inspired by this revelation, the distillers shared the recipe with the world, spreading the legend of the Moon Goddess and her mystical elixir. Recipe: Agave Moon Cocktail Ingredients: 60 ml of reposado tequila 30 ml orange liqueur 15 ml agave syrup 30...

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El Viaje del Capitán Morgan

The Voyage of Captain Morgan

Many years ago, in the seas of the Caribbean, Captain Morgan set out on a voyage in search of adventure and treasure. On a remote island, he discovered a hidden treasure: a secret recipe for an exotic cocktail that would delight the most intrepid sailors. Inspired by his discovery, Captain Morgan decided to share this recipe with the world, carrying with him the spirit of adventure and camaraderie he had found on his sea voyages. Recipe: Captain Morgan's Treasure Cocktail Ingredients: 60 ml Captain Morgan dark rum 30 ml pineapple juice 15 ml coconut liqueur 15 ml banana liqueur Ice...

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